Shop Manager

Tim is KP's cousin, right-hand man and loyal to the end. Tim and KP grew up together on the tough streets of Compton with the same opportunities to escape via football. Unlike KP, Tim went on to earn a degree and build a promising career on the gridiron. After playing in a secondary football league, Tim became disenchanted with the politics and fickle nature of the game. He abandoned his football career and returned home to Compton focused on helping KP level up his success in music. Now, Tim is devoted to taking KP's dream to the next level with the launch of the first tattoo shop in Compton. Gang-affiliated but not an active member, Tim stays true to his roots, maintaining relationships with friends who're Bloods and Crips from Compton. Tim's street cred, business acumen and devotion to KP almost guarantees the success of IAM Tattoos. He lives and breathes the IAM Compton brand and will do anything to protect it.


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