Shop Owner, Tattoo Artist, Rapper

"Black Ink Crew Compton" follows Danny "KP" Kirkpatrick and his crew at IAM Compton, the first-ever tattoo shop in Compton. Known for its musical influence and iconic street art, Compton is an artistic melting pot ready for the newest tat crew to share their talent. 

KP, famed tattoo artist and visionary, brings his team of artists into the community and uses their creative energy to make a change while creating a "safe zone" in the city he calls home.

At IAM Compton, KP has assembled a dream team of tattoo artists, friends and new additions to build a trusted family at the shop that has become known as "a crew among gangs." Their mission is to create a movement in Compton through their creative collective by celebrating the talent, passion and rich culture of the community. The crew is here to represent the city in a way that rises above the stereotypes and embraces the rich culture of Compton. The IAM Compton artists confront identity crises and social conflicts by channeling their imaginations into body art and camaraderie, but with the pressure to succeed and represent their home, will they reinvent their community or fail under the pressure?


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